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Cosmic Insights from: Quantum Awakening

hubble 2007 8THESE WORDS SEEMED TO RESONATE WITH ME SO profoundly that I wanted to share with all. These past few weeks at times have seemed like little more than a grand lesson in ‘allowing’ rather than ‘making’ things happen. The result has been an abundance of gifts, some surprising, a greater sense of inner calm and outer joy, yet I am still left wondering why there has been a lingering feeling of my feet seem to be ‘stuck in cement’. Is this what it feels like the be in the ‘reality’ of both the third and fith dimensions? Many friends seem to be experiencing this also, so it was with great delight that I discovered this article by one of my favorite channels, Crystal Whisperer Gillian MacBeth-Louthan. EnJOY!

As we move thru this year, the weight of our do’s and don’ts seem to get heavier, denser and more solid than anytime in the past. They gather around and cement themselves at our feet, creating an immovable sinking feeling. Our intentions chomp at the bit, our soul gives us the green light, but our human little self-stands tall and still. We sink deeper and deeper into despair and dis-repair, as we beat ourselves with the proverbial wet noodle.
We spend vast amounts of energy disagreeing with ourselves. trying to tame what seems to be the wild beast of indecision, the monster that holds us back, always blocking our way into happiness, into love, and into abundance. With the amount of energy that we spend on arguing with ourselves, we could build malls, erect towers, sculpt obelisks, and maybe even a great pyramid or two.
We stand still, as we sink deeper in the quicksand, into the quagmire of non-action. We continually sabotage our dreams our desires, our future, in an effort to save the rainforests of the old self. We hold tight to that which once served us. Numbing our ability to move into the new, the shinier, and the bright future of our dreams. Why are we afraid to move forward? Why are we afraid to take action, to act on?
Everyone on earth is feeling the transformation. We all know that there is no staying in the comfort zone, the null and void zone. We know it is time to get up off the benches of the old self of the past and move into the playing field of the new, the now. Yet when it comes our turn to bat, we freeze. Frozen still in all of the possibilities, the new doorways the wonders of our future. Embracing our ‘Popsicle consciousness’. Like Frosty the snowman, waiting fearfully for spring, knowing the change is inevitable. Frosty could move into a pattern that assisted this change, but chooses not to.
Humanity is destined and designed to change and for change. Like water, we each have the potential to experience many forms. We have our liquid days, our solid days, our vaporous days, and our evaporated days. We can be as an iceberg, a stream, a cloud, a raindrop, mist, or an ocean. We are 90% water. We ebb and flow with every new thought, every sunrise, and every storm, every eclipse. Yet year after year, we yearn to stay still, stay stuck, stay constant and in our comfort zone. The only true constant that we really have is the fact that we will always shift and change!
Understand that the restlessness and yearning within you are promptings from the Universe, Gentle reminders it is time to let go, Nothing can grow in your resistance. You are not moving into a future that is less than; change always walks hand and hand with the energy of ‘more.’ You can be nothing less, but you can always) be more. ~ GILLIAN MACBETH-LOUTHAN


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Andara Color and Properties Guide

Andara- amberAmber: Golden Brown. Promotes direction of one’s path and choices. Creates mental, emotional strength. It has a calming effect. 2nd, 3rd Chakras.




Andara Ane'laAne’la: Aqua blue. This is the angel stone holding the Field of one’s Intention. Brings the clearest expression of an individual’s Source Consciousness that can be embodied. Allows the possibility of receiving, ascending and integrating potential that the Ane’la Consciousness embodies. The Ane’la opens a stargate of Unlimited Consciousness. The aqua blue color holds an immense high heart frequency in its own right. The frequency is exponentially increased through the infusion of the angelic frequencies Ane’la consciousness elicits. Aligning with the Ane’la in and through the purity of one’s intentions, one’s individual field is catapulted into rarefied Angelic dimensions. 4th, 5th, 8th Chakras

Andara -Antarctic IceAntarctic Ice: Clear but light greenish grey in appearance. Holds knowledge and energy from Beings of the Great Central sun. Holds the Secrets of the Akashic records and the Creation of the Earth that may be accessed through meditation. Energy Pre-Lemurian AA-Michael, AM-Kuthumi, Jesus. F-Nature Kingdom. 1st, 9th, 18th Chakra.


Andara - Avalon blueAvalon Blue: Clear with light to very light bluish tint. Holds the energy of the high priestess. Restores grace, peace, harmony, acceptance and compassion. Brings forth peaceful change and channels divine energy. It holds mother energy. Takes you back to a time when the royal blood lines began and honor, service to God (Divine Source) and mankind brings you to a place of oneness with your Divine Plan & path. Awakening of work begun long ago. 5th, 7th Chakras.


Andara BlackBlack: Holds together all things. The most balancing and grounding of all the Andara, yet, within the Black Andara is all eternity and access to it. There is great power held within the Black Andara and as such it is rare and sacred. The keeper of the black Andara is Sanat Kumara who works with Thoth to provide access to those who are ready to receive and have the open heart, love and will of Divine Good. The Black Andara works as a key. 1st Chakra.


Andara Blood Of WarriorBlood Of Warrior: Opaque, deep red, sometimes pitted. Extremely high energies of heart, protection of self, others. Holds energy of Guardian of Night, and Guardian of Night Watchers (not to be confused with the Night Marchers) on Maui. For women it is protection of children and self. AA-Michael, AM-St. Germain. M/F. 18th, 25th Chakras.


Andara Camelot ChampagneCamelot Champagne: Very pale yellow/peach. The Camelot Champagne Andara holds the energy of wonder, restoring joy, innocence and magnificence. Camelot Champagne builds community and creates possibilities. Camelot holds universal knowledge. It opens the heart of the child. 4th Chakra.



Tangerine Solar Light Andara

Cosmic Force (Tangerine Solar Light): NEW! Clear peachy Red.  Rare. Brings inner energy, strength, clarity and power. Propels one forward to claim their prosperity and success fulfilling their soul’s desire. Gives one the sense of oneness and connection with all. Works powerfully with the Solar Light Council of 12 Brotherhood of light. Brings the solar light to earth. Unity and love of cosmic connections, joy, peace, healing love, cosmic unity. Strong Female. AA-Michael, AM-Serapis Bey, F, 3rd, 4th Chakras.


Andara Daughter of PeleDaughter Of Pele: Clear, sometimes a ‘strawberry’ red lighter than Divine Fire. AA-Metatron, AM-Lady Nadia. F (also read Divine Fire) 3rd, 9th, 12th Chakras.




Andara Divine FireDivine Fire: Deep red, brownish red, generally clear, sometimes streaked with yellow. The Fire of the Divine burns through all old energies and old patterns bringing you a clear and balanced body, mind and spirit. The fire Andara is under the guidance of Babaji who closely oversees and guides all who take on the energy purification and balancing through the Fire Andara. A profound connection to the Goddess Pelé brings an honoring of the Goddess and the clarity of deep spiritual value in the Divine that lies within you. AA-Maitraya, AM-Jesus, El Morya. 8th, 9th, 19th Chakras.


Fire Solar Light AndaraFire Of The Heart (Fire Solar Light):  NEW! Clear bright Red with Yellow Highlights. Clears the path of obstacles in the way of success. Brings all the properties of Tangerine Solar Light. Inner energy, strength, clarity and power. Propels one forward to claim their prosperity and success fulfilling their soul’s desire. Gives one the sense of oneness and connection with all. Works powerfully with the Solar Light Council of 12 Brotherhood of light. Brings the solar light to earth. Purification by purging heart and soul like a volcano belching fire. Hawai’ian god Lono energies. Male.AA-Raphael, AM-Aiwohi (Hawaiian Goddess),.  Male.  1st, 3rd Chakras.


Andara Gold/GreenGold / Green: Promotes creativity, the Green/Gold Andara brings all the elements of Merlin’s Light Green which is the honor, wisdom and connectedness to Divine Source (God). Gold is pure wisdom which brings you to Zero Point within as it integrates the polarities of masculine and feminine within the individual. This is a divine gift brought here for this special mission and the timing is crucial. Its mission is very large indeed. 3rd, 4th Chakra


Heavenly Olive Andara

Heavenly Olive (Opaque): NEW! Olive Green. Brings the feeling of love and inclusiveness. Calming and a peacemaker so named after the Olive Branch. Brings growth and the abundance of Life to the structure of your relationships so that they will thrive. Brings financial abundance and vibrancy. Highly spiritually evolved Andara bringing levels beyond quantum healing.


Andara Higher HeartHigher Heart: Celestial Green Blue. Brings together the energies of the higher heart & throat chakra merging powerful gifts of communication & unconditional agape. Archangel Michael’s influence brings a merging within while allowing the outward communication to flow from the depths of one’s soul. Brings grace to one’s self & others in the presence of this Andara’s energy. 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th Chakras.


Andara Lavender BlueLavender Blue: A powerfully psychic crystal it helps put you in touch with your intuition. The Lavender Andara opens the spiritual psychic center of the mind; the third eye. Works with St. Germain and the energies of violet transformation. 6th, 8th, 9th Chakras.



Andara Luminescent BlueLuminescent Blue (Sapphire): Carries the gifts of power, will, drive, confidence, strength and is connected to the Will of God. Ascended Master El Morya, the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas, is at work through this Luminescent Blue Andara and together, he and Archangel Michael work through the throat chakra to transform all to the will to do good. 5th, 12th, 15th Chakras.


Andara Luminescent GreenLuminescent Green: Brings healing, with focused working through the heart chakra. Luminescent Green Andara concentrates on concrete science, knowledge and research, and is connected to the Temple of Truth. AM aster Hilarion is helping to bring in the scientific aspect of the New Age through the Luminescent Green Andara by teaching us to use our mental powers by dropping seed thoughts of the new technology and scientific ideas into receptive minds. He works through the Luminescent Green Andara expand the mind and bring new consciousness and spirituality into all areas of scientific discovery. He stands for accuracy, justice, common sense and upright attitudes. He works with AA Raphael to bring this Luminescent Green healing energy through this Andara Crystal. 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th Chakras.

Andara Luminescent WhiteLuminescent White: Holds the secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the planet, working to establish heaven on earth. Luminescent White Andara holds the energy of an ancient cosmic being in charge of the order of Melchizedek,. This brotherhood organizes the Mystery School, which holds the secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the planet, and is working to establish heaven on Earth. Jesus was a high priest in the Order of Melchizedek. All humans belong at some level to this order. Archangel Metatron works together with Melchizedek to teach those who are ready. 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th Chakras.


Andara Luminescent YellowLuminescent Yellow: Brings a higher octave of light, wisdom, truth and understanding. When you work with the Luminescent Yellow you will be working directly with Ascended Master Kuthumi and Archangel Jophiel who helps to touch people with wisdom and illumination, tact, foresight, consideration and friendliness. Promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and power. Brings harmony through detachment to the 3rd chakra. 3rd, 12th, 13th Chakras.


Andara Merlin's BlueMerlin’s Blue: Holds the qualities of Royalty and the Mystical. Holds the qualities of Merlin’s Light Green Andara as well. Brings powerful connection with the celestial reams and great alchemy. Energetically, moves energy in a spiritually uplifting way. 5th Chakra.



Andara Merlin's Green - DarkMerlin’s Green- Dark:  It holds the energy of magic. It brings forth vision and manifestation. Merlin’s Light awakens leprechaun alchemy and restores the powers of royalty. It holds the ancient knowledge of the emerald tablets. Merlin’s Light gives you access to many dimensions. It awakens the wisdom of the grandmothers. 4th Chakra


Andara Merlin's Green-LightMerlin’s Green- Light: It holds the energy of magic. It brings forth vision and manifestation. Merlin’s Light awakens leprechaun alchemy and restores the powers of royalty. It holds the ancient knowledge of the emerald tablets. Merlin’s Light gives you access to many dimensions. It awakens the wisdom of the grandmothers. 4th Chakra


Andara Merlin's PurpleMerlin’s Purple: Holds everything that the Merlin’s Light Green holds with the addition of bringing a powerful magical alchemy that can not be described. Helps to Activate the Third Eye. Improves intuition. 4th, 6th, 8th Chakras.



Andara Ocean BlueOcean Blue: Brighter blue, very clear, many exhibiting striped blue/clear pattern. Cleanses and brings high mountain stream, waterfall, ocean bottom energies. Connects with Angelic realms, AA-Gabriel, AM-Hilarion, F-Mother Earth. 3rd, 5th, 9th Chakras.



Yellow Solar Light Andara

The ‘Ohana (Yellow Solar Light Opaque): NEW! Very pale opaque Yellow. Renews one’s life and purpose by clearing away old ideas of self. Gives strength of direction in one’s life. Ultra-cleansing to the chakras and the auric field. Clears away mental fog bringing a calm perspective to one’s life. Brings newness and freshness to life and one’s home environment. Generates a field of new possibilities. Opens one to life’s joy and creativity. Allow a doorway to bring in new friends and loved ones. Allows one’s heart to receive love. Healing all around for groups and families, bringing together unity of all. AA-Gabriel, AM-Quan Yin, 3rd, 5th Chakras.


Andara Oracle ClearOracle Clear: This crystal is a channel for wisdom and focus. The Oracle Clear holds the energy of clarity and brilliance. It resonates focus, wisdom and truth. It opens the doorway to the future. It is the director of energy. The Oracle Clear holds the wisdom of the grandfather. 7th Chakra.



Andara OrchidOrchid: Beautiful pastel orchid, can be frosty or clear. High power gift of Angels, connects to Heart Chakra. Can be used for purification, amplification of pure intent. AA-Raphael, AM-St Germain, Raphael. M. 17th Chakra



Andara PinkPink: Promotes unconditional love and compassion opening the heart chakra to forgiving and receiving. Most are candy pink, a few are a rosy pink and some have an iridescent sheen Promotes gentleness, unconditional love. Although sometimes in a formed shape, none of these are of modern origin *. AA-Gabriel, AM-Lady Nada, F-Grandmother’s Wisdom. 4th , 15th Chakras.


Andara Power of KingsPower Of Kings: Deep purple -appears black to the eye until held in the light-Rulership and leadership. Ancient kings held it for guidance with higher self, guides, and higher beings. May be used for guidance. Knowledge of past lives can be accessed by prayer with. Holds energies of High Priest, considered a magical stone. AA-Metatron, AM-Kuthumi, Jesus. M. 10th,
12th, 15th Chakras.


Andara SeafoamSeafoam: Shades of Green, Blue and Yellow. Seafoam holds some or all of the properties of the Andara Crystals. Seafoam works mainly on generational heritage-DNA clearing past life related issues. Renews cellular memory cleansing body, mind and spirit. Its like immersing yourself in an ocean of Mother Earth Elements of Water and Salt honoring the Divine Feminine. The salt element rebuilds your cellular memory and manifest emotional calm and stability to walk through the world in a powerful way. Any Chakra, read both Seafoam and description of properties for stone color.


Andara Shaman's StoneShaman’s Stone: Dark Root Beer Brown. These are the peace keepers. Place them at your front gate and everyone that comes through the gate will be blessed by this stone. The Shaman’s Stone holds the energy of Mother Earth and provides total healing within…taking pain away. Nurturing loving, grounding energy. It helps you build foundations. It holds the powers of shape shifting and the ability to see things from new perspectives. It clears old energies, returns all things back to their original state’ hold father energy. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 12th Chakras.


Andara Sky BlueSky Blue: Very pale blue, but more apparently blue than Avalon Blue that often appears clear. This is an ‘air’ stone that can be used to cleanse, purify upper atmosphere regions and to transmute chemtrail energies. AA-Michael, AM-Jesus, M, Chakras-2nd, 5th.



Andara Tourmaline GreenTourmaline Green: Beautiful clear pale green. Purification on soul level. Cleansing of Heart Chakra, grounds feet to path. Represents perfect union, honors Pele. AA-Raphael, AM-Kuthumi. M/F. 4th, 9th, 11th, 19th Chakras.



Andara Yellow GreenYellow / Green: Helps relieve nervousness and pressure. Take it and hold it in your hand and you can feel the nervousness leaving the body. Wear it around your neck or in your pocket and it will help relax you. The Yellow/Green Andara creates the connection between the intellectual nature and the connection with Mother Earth’s Nature Kingdom. The Yellow/Green Andara calms and supports the individual while bringing the spirit of play and enjoyment. Its mission is to be here in this special timing to support us as we move closer to 2012. 3rd, 4th Chakras.


General Properties of All Andara:

In addition to the above properties, each color of Andara has it’s own specific attributes.

This information channeled from many sources including Galactic Channel Grace Provost.

How To Easily Choose Your Andara

Andara Practitioner's Personal SetTara Hankey, LMT.

 Most crystal lovers and lightworkers are familiar with the saying “You do not choose the stone, the stone chooses you.” Each of us have countless stories of this manifesting in reality. At our Heart Of Maui Swap Meet booth as well as in our “Guide to 7 Major Chakras we offer the following advice: 

INTUITION-Allow yourself to be drawn to the stone that you need.  In its own way it will speak to you.  Honoring this guideline enables you to choose the stone that is needed to bring balance to dis-ease. Intuition is the most important part of the process.

ATTENTION- Why has this stone chosen you?  What makes it different than other stones?  Is it the way it “feels”? Are there special markings that you notice but no one else does?  Is it a feeling of connection or knowingness?  Once a stone has chosen to work with you it will definitely have your attention!  Follow that lead!

INTENTION-What message does your ‘chosen’ stone  have for you?  What questions have you lately been seeking the answers to?  How can you best use that information in creating a plan of action that allows balance to return? Listen with your heart and your stone will guide you. Honoring the answers given will create the most effective healing and most beneficial relationship between you and your new friend.

Choosing Andara is no different than choosing any other crystal or stone. Andara lovers frequently use the following methods when facing what may at first feel as an overwhelming number of choices. They include:

  1. Allowing yourself to be drawn by color, then reading about that color’s properties and feeling if that Andara resonates with you.
  2. Using a pendulum or other polarity testing method. Many people we know hold a pendulum over each of the 30 plus choices available and feel for a positive or negative response. They then look up the colors that received a positive response and use that information to help them make their decision.
  3. Using the information in our Andara Set Suggestion Guide, you may use your intuition or a pendulum to determine “which Andara is in my highest good,” choosing an Andara based on the association with a particular Chakra or relationship with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and/or Masculine & Feminine Polarities.

If you would like further assistance in connecting you with your Andara, please feel welcome to call us at (808) 280-3682. Ensuring that you and your Andara are happy is of utmost importance to us!

We now offer Andara in Sets of 20 colors! The full set is a great way to get all the Chakra colors at a great price!

Andara Colors & Properties Guide

Andara Color & Properties Guide



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Ten Great Reasons to Add Andara To Your Holistic Healing Practice

Beautiful Large Andara

General Properties of All Andara:

SINCE OFFERING ANDARA THROUGH HEART OF MAUI over 3 years ago we have sent over 3,000 pieces into the hearts and hands of light workers and holistic practitioners throughout the world. As authorized resellers, we are honored to continue the work began by Lady Nellie over 30 years ago. Currently available Andara colors include: Amber, Ane’la, Antarctic Ice, Avalon Blue, Black, Blood of the Warrior, Camelot Champagne, Daughter of Pele, Divine Fire, Gold/Green, Higher Heart, Lavender Blue, Luminescent Blue, Luminescent Green, Luminescent White, Luminescent Yellow, Merlin’s Blue, Merlin’s Green, Merlin’s Purple, Ocean Blue, Oracle Clear, Orchid, Pink, Power of Kings, Seafoam, Shaman’s Stone, Sky Blue, Tourmaline Green, and Yellow/Green. We also have limited availability of four special RARE Andara: Fire Solar Light, Tangerine Solar Light, Yellow Solar Light (Opaque), Heavenly Olive (Opaque).

               What Are Andara?          Lady Nellie's Story           Andara Colors & Properties Guide


OUR ANDARA HAVE BEEN USED IN CEREMONY and been gifted many times over. Here on Maui, they are now being used by five Holistic Practitioners. In addition, Akashic Channel Grace Provost performs readings of Andara and is able to determine the age of the Andara, and planetary connections, the reason for personal connection with the specific piece, and other details such as chakra, ascended master and archangel association.


Andara Heart of Earth Ceremony, Spring Equinox 2010           Andara Practitioners           Akashic Channel Grace Provost


IN CHOOSING THE ANDARA FOR YOUR ORDER, WE PENDULE FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD INTENDED, or for your other specifications. Affordable prices, multiple sizing and quantity discounts allow you to select precisely what is needed for your practice or simply for your own personal use. Our satisfaction rate is 100%, and our joyous customers order with confidence from anywhere in the world! All shipping, international and domestic, is done via USPS Priority.




Tools for Spiritual Transformation

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New Andara WILL BE ARRIVING later this week.
Many of you have placed special requests for certain colors, as well as wanting to know
when  they arrive,  so I’m asking all of you that have requests an not made a formal request to
send me an email, letting me know colors  desired and sizes.  Those wanting to view ahead of
time at my home before a general public viewing
(at Swap Meet and upcoming July 14th
Maui Health Explosion) please let me know that also.

Because of backlog of orders from Lady Nellie’s angels, next order received by us will include the popular colors we have been missing including Ane’la, Luminescent Blue, Pink, Divine Fire, Shaman’s Stone, Higher Heart.   The more unusual colors of Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Tourmaline Green, Daughter of Pele will be available again by end of July.   As always there is a 20% Healer/Kama’aina Discount.  We are also offering a set of 20 preselected 1 oz. Andara pieces at a great price.  See website for details.

Time has been well spent updating the website with amazing help of Philip Oje who is now assisting at Maui Swap Meets on Saturdays to delight of customers with his always ‘up’ attitude.  We have stayed very busy as the economy has recovered here in Hawai’i and interest in and awareness of crystals and minerals has increased significantly during this time of activation of crystalline grid and activities related to ascension.

Changes to Heart of Maui, in addition to new appearance is a Calendar of Events,  Andara Prectitioners List, link to our Facebook Page and ‘Articles’ link and  Gallery of pics from recent activities and ceremony can be accessed here.  As it is still a ‘work in progress comments, suggestions are most welcomed.

At ‘Articles” you will find readable, printable handouts we offer with our goodies and well as articles of interest.  In addition to Chakra Related there is info on Andara (including color guide, properties, set suggestions), Aqua & Aura Quartzes, Lemurian Culture, Feng Shui, Guide to Crystal Formations and much more.  You can access these here.

DO YOU USE ANDARA IN YOUR HEALING PRATICE?  If interested in being included in our Andara Practitioner, please fill in and return the attached ‘Andara Practitioner’ form (sample included).  Having these returned asap and by July 12th, 2012 before official launch of new site and blog will be most helpful.  If not able to use from send info in whatever way most convenient.  Contact me by email if wanting to send by mail.

We will also list your upcoming ‘Events’ on our calendars that might be of interest to our site and blog visitors.  We get many calls from those visiting Maui wanting to know such.  This will be updated every Friday and sent out the following Monday.  Please include Event, Location, short synopsis of class/event offering and contact (email, phone) info!

Mahalo Nui Loa! for your past and continuing support and patience.

In Beauty and Perfection of Andara Love & Light, Appreciatively Skye, Philip, Maika & Becky!

A Hui Hou! Malama Pono!

Tools for Spiritual Transformation & Conscious Evolution
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Andara, Crystal Or Glass? – Why So Many Colors?

Creator’s Heart-Ane’la Andara

On first seeing the Andara many wonder if they are ‘just’ glass, yet sense something indescribably different about them. Some pieces appear to have been man-made , yet not matter how many times we pendule pieces they will answer that they are authentic Andara. In process of channeling colors newer to us we decided to get more specific with our questions. Here is result of our inquiry through Galactic Priestess Grace Provost.

The Etherium or monatomic gold (also referred to as Prima Matra) is the result of an interdimensional implosion that happened billions of years ago. That implosion along with other later natural factors such as heat and pressure caused the glass that is now found in that area that at some point in time to form in many colors. This rare combination of events and geological circumstances allowed the formation of the ‘crystal glass’ now found there that uniquely exhibits properties related to the presence of Etherium also found there.

This glass was then collected by the Lemurians who used this glass in it’s raw form to create beautiful windows in ‘stained glass’ fashion in their building of a temple at this site.  This temple was later destroyed and the ‘crystal glass’ now being found there are the remnants of that temple along with other pieces found in that general area. Earth changes, including earthquakes and slides have allowed these to surface, giving us access to the use of the glass that have been scientifically tested to prove that the effects of the Etherium are indeed imbued in the Andara.

Why then do some of the pieces appear to have been formed in a ‘mold’. Because the ancient Lemurians had the technology to do this and used those method in forming some of the Andara for their use. When asked again if any of the Andara that we offer are modern in origin, the answer again was an definite ‘no’. Grace’s channeling is considered supplemental to the Maia channel info that we offer at our site.

Galactic Channel Grace Provost is available for reading your Andara and your other crystals and minerals on a $1 a minute basis paid through Paypal.  If on Maui make arrangement to visit her personally. From other locations reading done preferrably with picture of crystal(s) being read send via email attachment.  She can be easily reached at

ANDARA UPDATE – Creator’s Heart

Kala Mai for taking so long to post this more detailed update.  My intention it to catch those of you new to the list up on events leading to this post .  Please share as guided to.  Mahalo a me na Pomaika’i Kakou . .  Thanks and Blessings to ALL who have been a part of this journey and have and are making it all possible as we support each other through this awesome transition into the 5th dimension.

It has been a gift and blessing to have the Andara come into my life and to see the joy and light they bring to so many.  Countless stories from so many of you who experience their wonderful ability to hold the vibration of the 5th dimension while keeping us grounded in the 3rd, have given me a great sense of responsibility in continuing to bring their presence to this little island Maui and make it possible to sent them throughout the world.

All of you reading this know that when it comes to working with the crystal and mineral kingdom that intuition rules.  Each and every stone is an entity unto itself that seems to know when it is time to go and where it will go as well as it’s purpose.  The Andara especially seemed to be adept at this practice.  Many of you using the Andara intuitively in your massage and intuitive practices have shared wonderful accounts of events and shifts occuring while using the Andara.

Denine Savage has shared that the etherium or monatomic gold element affecting the Andara allows the ‘Star Beings’ to download into each Andara exactly what is needed at that moment. Musician Don Lax and friend Denise travelled to other worlds as rainbow dragons when placing the Andara in crystal bowls as they played music around them.  Reiki practitioner Michael Reis recently had a surprising encounter with St. Germain after working with an Ancient Ice Andara.
My own personal experience is to have been guided to work with a palm-sized Luminescent White Andara that when held in my right hand fills my body with light allowing the release of fear and brings a deep calm and peacefulness.  The stories seem endless as nearly everyone using the Andara has a story.

Heart of the Earth, a beautiful ‘heart shaped’ Merlin’s Green Andara, now in the care of Miriam Trahan waited patiently until the right moment to announce it’s intentions. Dedicated in ceremony this past Spring Equinox as Heart of the Earth, it is now serving all of humanity in its’ grand mission of radiating love, aloha and compassion from her property in Haiku, Maui on the foothills of our majestic volcano Haleakala. 

Spring Equinox Celebration 2011Those of you who have been working with stones for a while, understand well the saying I have come to know many times over . . . ‘Never argue with a rock!’.  So when they talk,  I now listen, bringing me to the place of sharing about the ‘mission’ of another Andara that is currently in my possession.  It is a beautiful light aqua Ane’la, not as large as Heart of the Earth, but a hefty palm sized Andara that also has a heart like shape.  When it first arrived, I sensed that it had a purpose that I should know about, but penduling a number of times gave no clear answers, until about a week ago, when I had a dream in which I became the ancient, massive and graceful body of a humpback whale.The dream was short but long enough to leave a message. . . Know us, honor us, love us and (emphatically) Clean it Up. . . NOW!  referring to our precious mother the Earth.  I immediately sensed that this had something to do with the Ane’la that seemed to be unclear about it’s mission.  The response to the question about whether or not it was intended to head to the Big Island and kumu Auntie Mahealani and a crystal that is in her care known to many as the Galactic Whale got an stong Yes!

Galactic Crystal

Galactic Whale Crystal
Full story of galactic whale’s travels.

My assumption was that this was to be the end of our Ane’la Andara’s (pictured above)  journey and that it would stay with the Galactic Whale, but not being sure asked friend and channel Gracie Provost if we could bless and name this particular Andara she enthusiastically offered to take it with me to Iao Valley, home of the Iao Needle and one of the most sacred areas of Maui to do ceremony.

The folllowing is what was shared by Gracie:
“It says it is an Ane’la – 5 million 20 thousand and ten years old. It’s the creator’s heart and pure love. It beats Birth of a New World – ours!
It must go to the Big Island first- you are to take it. All the money to go will be arriving – keep your heart open and no doubt or fear or you will be responsible for negating this.

Meet with Auntie Mehealani and high priesthood and take it to Moana Kea for ceremony, place it on the ground, do prayer, hold it to the sun. Auntie Mehealani can do it or priesthood can. Bring it back to Maui and Bonnie is to take it to Kaua’i. There is a sacred placed there with a huge crystal . It must be placed by the crystal for a while, then it can be brought back here and it is to be given back to you. It is to be sold to a spanish/mexican woman named Maria. It is to go to the big island before July first.
Abundance is coming to all those who have been seeking it!” -Gracie

Anyone reading this who feels being drawn to being part of this process in any way, please let me know. Creator’s Heart will be present and available to hold and enjoy at any event we are attending until it heads off to Auntie Mahealani and the Galactic Whale with Gracie and me, returns to Maui, then heads off to Kauai and sacred cave area in ceremony with Bonnie Marsh, who had already planned to go at end of August. All who have held this so far have felt it intensely loving energies.

My role at this moment is simply to honor this Ane’la’s intentions. A new friend Giza recently shared with me a saying that came to her many years ago… “Stones created people so that stones can get around!” The above seems to validate that! I’ve included links with pictures of the Galactic Whale and link to Auntie Mahealani’s blog that tells story of it’s travels, as well as pictures taken recently of ‘Creator’s Heart’.


Links to website and Andara Properties information can be found here.

Colors available in addition to newer Antarctic Ice, Power of the King and Maui include a beautiful ocean/mountain light blue, a gentle orchid and soft green that have yet to be named.  Stay tuned for details or stop by any of our venues to see.  New website with updated information and ability to buy specific Andara shown with pics, weights and prices coming soon! 

Lovingly in the Perfection of Andara Love & Light!
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What Are Andara? Why Are They Here?


The meaning of ANDARA, ‘Light of Perfection and Beauty’ comes through the channeling of Tehuti (Thoth) by Maia. Also known as Prima Matra, Andara is the result of an interdimensional implosion in Northern California which left a substance called Monatomic Gold or Etherium present in the surrounding Earth as well as within the Andara itself. Andara Crystal Glass found on this property are scientifically proven to be different than glass, crystal and obsidian, responding to ‘intention’ as its highest operating principle, as it acts as a direct link to information from other dimensions which can be used for personal and planetary healing.

If you are ‘drawn’ to the Andara it will not be surprise you that they hold the Light vibration between the 4th &  5th light dimensions while…

    • Automatically expanding our state of awareness
    • Increasing access to universal knowledge
    • Activating the ability to channeling
    • Accelerating the spiritual development process
    • Create a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions
    • Manifesting and creating automatically when focusing your intention into the Andara’s Energy Field
    • Automatically Clearing and Balancing Chakras
    • Building trust within Automatically
    • Focusing on Working through the Heart
    • Raising your frequency of energy to a much higer rate


Since 2002 Heart of Maui has been offering wonderful crystals, minerals, fossils beginning with a small table at the Saturday Maui Swap Meet venue in Kahului, Maui, Hawai’i. Our local popularity and great response from visitors lead to the creation of our Heart of Maui website.

In late 2009 a guest in our household named Elana who does DNA Matrix Restoration asked if I could obtain a Luminescent Green Andara for her as she had left hers at her Mt. Shasta, CA home. Having worked with crystal and minerals for over 10 years, I did not understand how the Andara could 21 distinctly different colors that did not have ‘inclusions’ common to almost all crystals and minerals.  In addition, some sites were offering the Andara at extremely high prices, and there was also mention that ‘fake’ ones were being marketed, all concerns needing to be answered before offering them to my valued customers.

Sensing something very ‘magical’ and authentic about the Andara, we placed our order through Lady Nellie’s site for Elana’s piece, pieces for a friend owning a crystal shop in Tokyo who is familiar with the Andara and another set of each of all colors offered for resale. When they arrived it was immediatiely very clear that those who had encouraged me to offer thes were right.  Their luminescence never fails to catch the eye and heart of those who are energy sensitive and since them over 1400 Andara pieces have gone off into the world through us.

The first set that arrived was bought in entirety by Lomi Practitioner Maika. We have since then sold over 800 pieces a majority going to those who are joyfully incorporating the Andara into their high level reiki, massage, chakra, angel and other forms of  light work. More than 20 local practitioners are now using them. See testimonials.

To view all 21 beautiful Andara color selections and learn about their properties please go to out website page here.


THERE ARE 2 WAYS TO ORDER Andara through Heart of Maui

1)     Contact us at 808-280-3682 letting us know which sizes and colors desired. We will then pendulum from stock available for those for ‘highest good for purpose intended’ or other criteria as specified by you. Recommended for best selection.

We will then weigh your pieces, apply discounts according to number of pieces chosen, add shipping if applicable, then notify you by phone or email as to cost before sending PayPal invoice or making other payment arrangements with you.

2)     Use the Paypal buttons offered of Purchase Andara page. Prices are for approximate weight, so we will select pieces as close to that weight as possible. If yor pieces average less than you are charged we will refund difference. Discounts for sets purchased using Paypal buttons are for pieces of similar size.

SHIPPING COSTS and guidelines are found here. Orders over $100 US orders and $350 on International orders SHIPPING IS FREE.

FLAT RATE PRIORITY shipping in US takes from 3-5 days and Internat’l is takes to 8-10 days.



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