Andara Practitioner's Personal SetTara Hankey, LMT.

 Most crystal lovers and lightworkers are familiar with the saying “You do not choose the stone, the stone chooses you.” Each of us have countless stories of this manifesting in reality. At our Heart Of Maui Swap Meet booth as well as in our “Guide to 7 Major Chakras we offer the following advice: 

INTUITION-Allow yourself to be drawn to the stone that you need.  In its own way it will speak to you.  Honoring this guideline enables you to choose the stone that is needed to bring balance to dis-ease. Intuition is the most important part of the process.

ATTENTION- Why has this stone chosen you?  What makes it different than other stones?  Is it the way it “feels”? Are there special markings that you notice but no one else does?  Is it a feeling of connection or knowingness?  Once a stone has chosen to work with you it will definitely have your attention!  Follow that lead!

INTENTION-What message does your ‘chosen’ stone  have for you?  What questions have you lately been seeking the answers to?  How can you best use that information in creating a plan of action that allows balance to return? Listen with your heart and your stone will guide you. Honoring the answers given will create the most effective healing and most beneficial relationship between you and your new friend.

Choosing Andara is no different than choosing any other crystal or stone. Andara lovers frequently use the following methods when facing what may at first feel as an overwhelming number of choices. They include:

  1. Allowing yourself to be drawn by color, then reading about that color’s properties and feeling if that Andara resonates with you.
  2. Using a pendulum or other polarity testing method. Many people we know hold a pendulum over each of the 30 plus choices available and feel for a positive or negative response. They then look up the colors that received a positive response and use that information to help them make their decision.
  3. Using the information in our Andara Set Suggestion Guide, you may use your intuition or a pendulum to determine “which Andara is in my highest good,” choosing an Andara based on the association with a particular Chakra or relationship with the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms and/or Masculine & Feminine Polarities.

If you would like further assistance in connecting you with your Andara, please feel welcome to call us at (808) 280-3682. Ensuring that you and your Andara are happy is of utmost importance to us!

We now offer Andara in Sets of 20 colors! The full set is a great way to get all the Chakra colors at a great price!

Andara Colors & Properties Guide

Andara Color & Properties Guide



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