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Here is some really great information about the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, happening today.


Crystals to Work with: herkimer diamond & citrine.


Shakti Carola Navran gives us an insight into what to expect during this eclipse trilogy we are in the middle of, at:

Solar Eclipse in Taurus


AND this is a wonderful site to bookmark, not only for today but also for future celestial events:
Watch the eclipse Live, as it happens, from where ever you are! How awesome is that?!?!

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From our friends at Weave the Web we recieved this lovely message:

New Moon/Solar Eclipse
May 9th or 10th
We are in the middle of a trilogy of eclipses.  The first was the Full Moon on April 25th, the second we will experience with the New Moon/solar eclipse on May 9th/10th depending on where one is located and the third will be the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse on May 25th.   Eclipses signal what we need to change; they are an opportunity to experience a rebirth.  An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another. The solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is located between the Earth and Sun. Solar eclipses, like a regular New Moon, signify a new beginning or a new direction unfolding. On a personal level the big events in life often happen when an eclipse occurs, an event associated with the eclipse can be experienced one year before and up to two years after.   Even if it’s not immediately clear what the meaning is, it might take time for a transiting planet to activate it.
This particular eclipse helps us examine more clearly our service and the foundation of our belief system around money.  Are we expressing our gifts in a service that is coming from the heart or is the source of our motivation driven by money.  We will have an opportunity to explore the core of our belief to determine if we are driven by fear, a belief in lack, and the illusion of who we think we are versus what our soul came here to do. At the time of a Solar eclipse the Sun is momentarily obscured and we can feel ‘in the dark’ and lost. With the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Taurus, you can use this super-charged energy of a new moon with the “abundance” energy of Taurus to begin to manifest from a higher level and gain clarity and insight on new ways of expressing yourself.
At the time of the Solar Eclipse, meditating on the Sun strengthens our internal powers. The Sun is the planet of self-confidence, father and the source of our power.  The literal meaning of Eclipse is acceptance, to absorb or take in. This is a powerful day to bring light into any situations that are creating imbalance.  An important time to heal the past by seeing with different eyes.  Instead of judging a situation or a person, see how the experience has truly helped your soul to grow.  This is a powerful time to remove anger, jealousy, and any type of darkness or shadow energy that clouds your vision and prevents you full living the celebration of life.  We have an opportunity to heal the past so that we can create our future.  Not just for ourselves but we can create a collective vision of oneness and unity for our entire global community.  Every prayer and thought is amplified in this energy.
I am currently in China and will be in the Temple of Heaven with the andara crystal and the obsidian stone being at the time of the eclipse imprinting the Dragon Lines with the prayer of healing the past and the vision of one world united together through love.   This is the ultimate turning point, toward investing in your own life, and living your true expression.   In order to do so we must absolutely clear the illusion, fear, and pain of our past so we are clear to create a wondrous new beginning.  Below is a ritual that can assist you in working with the energy of the eclipse.
The eclipse magnifies the energy of the new moon and ritual is best performed in the daylight.   You will need a white candle, sea salt, purified or spring water, incense, a white rose, (if you can not find a rose you another white flower) several pieces of beautiful paper (parchment is best or beautiful stationery).  If you can, take a ritual bath and for those who have the Solar Eclipse oil place six drops in the water. While in the water visualize releasing any blocks or fears and affirm you are ready to move forward, face your fears, embrace them and step forward.  After your bath and for those who do not wish to take a bath the next step is to take a bowl of the spring water and add the sea salt. Take the white rose and dip it into the bowl of salt water.  Sprinkle yourself with the water from the rose.  Take your hands and place them in the water.  Close your eyes down and visualize any remaining fears, doubts or worries flowing into your hands and wash them into the water.  Light the white candle and meditate on the symbolism of the candle, the essence of transformation.  Ask for clarity and truth during the time of the eclipse.  On the first piece of paper write down what areas in your life need to be transformed.  Write down an affirmation supporting your new goals. On the next piece of paper write down what keeps you from achieving the goals you are after.  On the paper write the words… I now release and transform this energy into an energy source that can be utilized for the highest good of all concerned in the name of the Goddess.
Light the paper from the candle flame and feel all being transformed.  All blocks being removed and new doors opening.
When you feel your energy is clear, focus on sending love and the vision of all dragon, song and spirit lines being illuminated with light.  Make a prayer for oneness and ask how you can be of service to bring forth the qualities of beauty, creativity, harmony, balance and love.
Wishing you a magickal New Moon.
Love, rainbows and starlight from China, Robbyne


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